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Our Ethical Code

At RE: WORK Editing, we commit to: 


  1. Complete with excellence the jobs we accept.

  2. Estimate time and fees in good faith.

  3. Charge fees that are fair to our clients and pay fees that are fair to our editors. 

  4. Deliver excellent value.

  5. Serve as your partner—not boss, parent or servant.

  6. Produce work that reflects each client's needs and unique voice.

  7. Refuse to: conduct a student's research, writing or analysis; plagiarize; hate-monger; cyber-bully; or conspire in anything illegal or unethical. 

  8. Honor people's dignity regardless of their beliefs, gender, nationality, abilities or sexual orientations.

  9. Not discriminate in our treatment or selection of clients or contractors.

  10. Be generous-hearted: care for our clients and ourselves and give back to our communities.

  11. Hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical and kind behavior in every available domain.

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